10 of the Worst Interview Stories

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No one enjoys interviewing, right?! It’s sometimes super nerve-wracking, awkward and sometimes it just turns into a s***show!

Reddit asked more than 200 of its users “What was your worst interview experience?”, and we’ve gathered the best responses for your entertainment. So no matter how many bad interviews you’ve had, I can almost bet none are as bad as these! Get ready to cringe, laugh and a drop your jaw in shock at the 10 Worst Interview Stories.

  1. Boobs Boobs Boobs

“In a med school interview…

‘Tell me about your ideal woman.’

I start with personality, intelligence, and so on.

‘No, I mean physically. How big are her boobs?’

After that interview, I withdrew my application there.” – Flaxmoore

2. Sweaty Betty

“Interviewed when it was 95 degrees outside. I got there 15 minutes early, but couldn’t stop sweating. It was awful. I didn’t get that job.” – Tapprunner

3. Honesty Maybe Isn’t The Best Policy

“Had a young gentleman come in, not dressed for the occasion posture was horrible as he was slouched over on the table.

The interview committee introduces themselves and give him the chance for an introduction. He just says “Look, I’m going to be real honest. My dad is making me go on interviews or else he’s going to stop paying my bills.”

We continued through the interview and he actually answered questions genuinely but it sucked wasting time on somebody we knew we were not going to give the position.” – El_monstruo

4. Mommy Not-So Dearest


Kid pretty fresh out of college shows up for the interview with his mom. Now, this is OK… No big deal.

But this mom insisted on going into the interview room with her son. I asked her if she planned to show up to work with him every day for his full shift. She said no, so then I told her that I was going to have to interview him alone.

At this, she insisted that she go into the interview room with him and she would not take no for an answer.

So I responded with, “OK, in that case, this interview is over.” The kid got the biggest grin I have ever seen at seeing his mother punished for this sort of behaviour. I genuinely hope that he could finally cut the cord and make something out of his life.” – PRMan99

5. Balls Up

I was a recruiter at an agency and had a candidate call in and tell me his impressive qualifications on the high-paying job I was trying to fill.

He shows up in a dirty white t-shirt, greasy hair, pants 3 inches too short and the kicker was – the crotch was completely ripped out and his underwear and balls were hanging out. Fastest interview I ever conducted just to give him the courtesy of one.

I sanitised the lobby chair and interview chair.” – Whateverspicegirl

6. Drinking On The Job

“One time I returned a call for a potential job, and the guy who answered was clearly drunk. He kept forgetting what he was talking about and repeating himself.

Towards the end of the call, this guy actually asked if I had a cigarette. OVER THE PHONE!” – Chalupa34

7. T.M.I.

“I sat in on an interview that was awkward on BOTH sides.

The woman had indicated on her application that she’d had a misdemeanour. My boss asked about it at the end of the interview, and she said she’d gotten a DUI charge a few years back, in college. He asked her a few follow-up questions about it: how much she’d been drinking, if she still drank, WHAT she drank. She eventually just figured “f*** it”, I guess, and gave us all the dirty details about how she’d just walked in on her boyfriend f****** her sister and how it led to her kind of losing it in a bar downtown.

I spent a lot of time pretending to be interested in reading her cover sheet.” – UsedToBeOnFire

8. Cold, Cold Water With You

Interviewed for a florist as a teenager. I’m quite small and so the owner kept telling me I’d struggle lifting the buckets filled with water and flowers.

He then gave me a tour and showed me the storeroom, told me to pick up a bucket to get an idea of how heavy it was.

Since he had kept going on about it I severely overestimated how heavy the bucket would be and basically flung it above my head and drenched us both in icy water and flowers…

No, I didn’t get the job.” – Thatone-there

9. Easily Distrac…

“It was in this really nice office with an incredible view. THREE times I had to ask the guy to repeat his question because I got distracted by the view.

I didn’t get the job. S***, I wouldn’t have hired me neither.” – Cyainanotherlifebro

10. Judging This Book By It’s Cover

“I interviewed in a doctor’s office. I sat across from the manager and saw her glance at a tattoo that I had peeking out from under my shirt. On my resume, she wrote TATTOO in large letters. From that point on, I could tell she wasn’t interested in me but I guess felt like she still needed to go through the motions. Needless to say, I did not get a callback.” – Mrschestnyspurplehat

So when you think you’ve bombed an interview…have a read of these and you’ll feel fabulous about yourself!!

These are only a few on the gems that I found, but you can find the whole article here: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/8g06ho/what_was_your_worst_interview_experience/

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