10 Reasons to Appoint a Mentor

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A mentor will help to assess your individual or overall business performance, obtain confidential feedback on individual strengths and weaknesses, and teach new skills and behaviours.The mentor will help you and your business build a valuable network, and they might even introduce you to their own contacts! Mentors take a long-term approach to furthering your career and furthering your business profitability. Mentors tend to be older and more experienced than the people they mentor.

Here are the top 10 reasons companies approach William Montgomery, CEO of TEN, for help:

1. Accelerate change: Implementing a mentoring program is a great way to help employees, teams and organisations quickly facilitate and adapt to change.

2. Empower people: Mentoring empowers people. When they feel empowered, great things happen.

3. Improve culture: When leaders set a positive tone for the culture they desire, the organisation will follow suit.

4. Increase sales: Sales leaders are always in motion – their quotas never go away, and relief is rare. Sales coaching supports quota attainment and gives sales managers an opportunity to focus on their professional development.

5. Drive results: The way people do business is evolving, and leaders are constantly surrounded by inertia. Mentoring gives them an opportunity to breathe, reflect and plan.

6. Develop new behaviours: The mentoring process enables new thinking patterns and behavioural changes. As a result, employees develop critical-and strategic-thinking skills as well as problem-solving capabilities.

7. Create leaders: In a Human Capital Institute study, participants were asked: “Why offer mentoring?” The #1 reason was leadership development.

8. Retain employees: Mentoring is a personal approach to professional development that provides competitive advantage.

9. Manage talent: The use of a mentor can enable an organisation to integrate mentoring into training programs, leadership development initiatives and succession planning.

10. Improve customer relationships: Employees who are mentored will be a reflection of your company’s brand. Higher-performing and more passionate employees positively impact your customer experience. Great customer experience impacts results.

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