4 Statistics About Recruitment – Are They True?

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Statistics About Recruitment

1. “The average time period spent by recruiters looking at resumes is just 5 to 7 seconds long.

At Role Recruit, we can attest to this fact! Due to the high volume of direct applicants, recruiters don’t always have the luxury of reading every word on a CV.

It will be obvious to a recruiter from your CV in the first 5 seconds whether you have the right skill set for the position or not. Things such as job titles, previous employers, and the keywords (headings, bullet points, etc.) make it easy for recruiters to spot the right person in this short amount of time.

2. “Approximately 80% of available jobs are never advertised.

We are unsure whether this statistic is accurate in New Zealand, but we definitely can attest to the fact that a lot of jobs aren’t advertised by recruiters.

This may be for several reasons, but the most common being that the company wants to have the position head-hunted for first. The reason for this also differs depending on the company and the position. However, we often find that the company has advertised the position in the past, but has not found the talent they are looking for.

This is another fantastic reason to work with a recruiter when searching for a new job, as they have the insiders scoop into the market and potential jobs that you may not have access to!

3. “On average, 118 people apply for any given job. Only 20% of applicants get an interview, however.

Alright… so let’s say 20% of 118 applicants is 23 (and a half) people. Realistically, 23 first interviews with 23 different people is never going to happen.


a)    The company and hiring manager simply do not have 23 hours of spare time to weed-out inappropriate candidates.

b)   There will not be 23 people that are suitable for the job – even if 118 did apply.

c)    Of those 23 people who may be suitable for the job, they may not be suitable for other reasons, such as salary or culture fit.

If the company has outsourced their recruitment to an agency, the likelihood of them having very limited time available to interview is even higher. Therefore, they are only likely to interview 2 or maybe 3 appropriate candidates. Following on from this, 0 of the applied candidates may be right for the position! It may only be from the recruiter head-hunting a candidate is when the company will interview. It is different for every job and every company.

4. “Aside from the date and location, 61.8% of candidates receive no information prior to their interview.

Well, we believe this statistic is completely wrong. At Role Recruit, we give our candidates as much information as we possibly can before their interview.

The date and location are the must-have information for the candidate, but in no way does this mean it should stop there! As a recruiter, you are doing your candidates and yourself a disservice by not giving them as much information as possible. Tips on what the interviewer is like, what the company culture is like, or anything else that may give them an edge on other potential candidates is all relevant and important!

So, recruiters, stop hiding things from your candidates! Put yourself in their shoes and how you would feel with the (lack of) information you’re being given to prepare for an interview!

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