5 Reasons to Make Your Next Digital Hire a Contractor

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The use of freelancers or contractors is a rapidly growing global trend, and from an employer’s perspective.

Here are 5 great reasons why:

1. Expertise: You can bring an experienced expert into your business who can “hit the ground running “without the many obligations of a permanent hire

2. Projects: If you need expertise for a particular project, hiring a talented freelancer for a defined period is a great solution

3. Scale up or down: Freelance talent can be hired when business is booming and let go in any downtime. (have you tried to get rid of an unnecessary permanent staff member recently?)

4. Commitment: By the nature of their role, experienced freelancers are adaptable, can bring new ideas, and past business experience to your team

5. Cost savings: You pay a permanent employee 52 weeks of the year, but after 4 weeks holiday, 2 weeks statutory holidays and 1-week sick leave, they are productive in your business for only 45 weeks. This is before any “on costs” of Kiwi Saver, ACC, Pregnancy leave, Health and Safety, and other compliance costs. According to the ‘Labour Cost Index Salary’, wages in NZ only make up 84.3% of labour costs! Alternatively, you pay a talented freelancer only for the hours worked, plus you save significant administration costs!

At Role Recruit we deal with some of the best freelance talent. We know the market and we hire (advertise, search, interview, screen, reference check) and administer (payroll, tax, compliance, personal indemnity) on your behalf. Best of all, you pay no more as we recruit to match your nominated hourly rate and our fee comes out of this rate.

Once you have seen the productivity, cultural fit and business growth contributed by your chosen freelancer, you can later turn the contract role into a permanent role!

The employment of freelance talent is a global trend and is part of the massive growth in what is now being referred to as “DX” or the third industrial revolution.

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