5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Get A New Job!

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Are you struggling at work and not enjoying it? Are you waking up and dreading going in to your job? Then it’s probably time for a change!

Nowadays, a lot of people have a sense of discontent in their job but are either too lazy or too scared to do anything about it. Scared they won’t get a new job, scared of change, or can’t be bothered with the “long, gruelling” recruitment process and learning another role.

That’s where I step in. I’m holding the mirror up, hoping that if you are guilty of the following, you’ll get off your ass and do something about it!!

1. Complaining

Sitting at the dinner table and downloading an earful on your partner? Going for drinks with your friends and releasing all of your frustrations on them? Working alongside your colleagues and constantly venting about work? If most conversations end up with negative comments about your job, that’s a huge red flag. You’re not happy; move on. It’s time to find a new job!

2. Disengaged

If you’re spending work time being bored, scrolling through Pinterest, messaging friends – you probably need another role. This job isn’t mentally challenging enough for you and there is a lack of passion, so why stay in a job that’s “meh”, when you can have a job that’s “woohoo”?! It’s time to find a new job!

3. Dreaming About Retirement

It’s normal to look forward to your free time and be excited for time off work, where you can kick back and recharge those batteries. However, if you find you’re constantly thinking about retirement and holidays – then maybe, just maybe, you need to get out of there and find somewhere else. It’s clear you don’t want to be there, you want to be elsewhere. Make sure that you’re listening to your internal warnings. It’s time to find a new job!

4. Exhausted

Are you finishing work, going home and feel exhausted – and not the good type of exhausted, the jumping onto the sofa and not moving type of exhausted?? Do you feel deflated and tired after work? Then it’s time to find a new job!

5. Thinking About Career Move

If you’ve been thinking about a career move for a while and what you want to do…STOP procrastinating!! It’s time for a new job!

The second you get a job you’re comfortable in; you won’t be constantly complaining, you’ll have a passion for it and will be enthusiastic, you won’t be distracted and you won’t be counting down the days for time off. It’ll all make sense and you’ll wonder why you wasted all that time on a job that you weren’t happy in!

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Listen to your gut. It’s trying to tell you something, so stop ignoring the signs, (wo)man up and get a new job!

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