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It’s a horrendous feeling to be fair. Going back to work after Christmas that is. Not because you dislike work right, just because holidays are over for a while. It’s the thought of it that is just worse than anything.

But it’s ok – I promise. I’ve been back a few days now and for all you poor souls going back on the 11th. It’s not that bad. Truly.

Last Tuesday was my last day of holidays and after a few mind-numbing, jet-lagged induced, emotional days after my return from Ireland for Christmas at 3 o’clock on the Tuesday I got that FEAR!!! It came in a wave of just ‘ooohhh noooo nessssss’, oh no, oh no, oh no. In true to form constructive, mature based thinking, my first proposed solution was to hide inside the hood of my furry dressing gown, pull the duvet up and call in sick for the rest of the week. Nobody will see me, I thought, and everything will be fine.

Upon a 10 minute reflection not a great option and worse, delaying the inevitable…

So, the second option was the somewhat healthier honest approach. Full of my own impending sorrow, lying on the bed with a very depressed look – “I’m anxious’ I said, to the other half. ‘I’m nervous to go back’. ‘It’s normal he said, everyone feels the same, it will be fine’. Here’s a big hug. Job done.

Well kinda…

I felt a lot better straight away post hug but also I know I feel much better when I am organised so for those girls out there who need to have that ‘sorted’ feeling – these steps might help for Sunday night coming.

  1. Be home in your place for about 6pm/7pm the night before you go back to work. I would say latest 8pm just to give yourself a bit of time to come to terms with things lols. If you have the energy, clean for a bit. I always feel like I can think straight when my apartment is clean. That said, I still haven’t cleaned mine but that’s ok.
  2. Choose your outfit (bearing in mind possible weight gain over Christmas and ensuing depressed feelings – obviously to be denied and avoided at all costs 😉 keep the outfit simple, loose and easy.
  3. Hang it up, choose shoes and a handbag for office or prepare other work paraphernalia as necessary.
  4. Pack the handbag and put the keys and wallet in close proximity.
  5. Ambitious this one – put potential gym gear in a bag close to handbag and make a realistic decision in the morning.
  6. If you are recently returned from holidays and you have not unpacked yet and your whole life still resides in a week old suitcase (me) take out necessary bits of make-up toiletries etc to use in the morning…and the hairbrush, yes, find the hairbrush. Nothing contributes to my Monday morning depression than not being able to find the hairbrush.
  7. When done, get on the phone and order a healthyish takeaway, have a shower, get into your pjs, wait for delivery guy and whilst you are waiting set up your ipad for your favorite movie/series.
  8. Get an early night. Avoid facebook, pinterest and every whatsapp, whyapp, gotsapp or anything with a light – if you can.
  9. Go wild, read a book.
  10. Sleep. Try for the full 8. I know it’s hard. But try.
  11. When that alarm goes off the impending doom won’t be so bad…I promise. On a scale of wanting to die to being functional, I was a solid 6.
  12. Give yourself a bit of extra time in the shower and to get ready as I was out of practice after the break. Weirdly.
  13. Go to work, get a coffee, a big one. Then breathe, trust and try not to cry lols
  14. The day will be over before you know it 🙂
  15. Finally don’t think about life goals, finances, relationship status and or new years resolutions for another week – you don’t want to push it.

Rinse and repeat 1-16 for another week or so (perhaps leaving out the takeaways and replacing with ‘new year new me meals'(spinachy, chicken, broccoli like concoctions) until mid Jan. I think we should all have gotten over the fear by then 😉

In the meantime, just keep reminding yourself how awesome you are, no one else will have the energy lols.

Good luck!


Lynn xxx

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