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Downer is the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand. Through trusted relationships and world leading insight, they work closely with their customers to design, build and sustain assets, infrastructure and facilities.

Downer are a really large enterprise client and they engaged us because they had a high volume of roles that they needed filled immediately within the PMO space. When we came into the picture, we were one of the first agencies to be briefed on the roles. Due to the high volume of roles, the shortage of PMO contractors and, of the limited PMO contractors – finding the best talent that were capable of performing well, it deemed quite testing to fill the roles in such a short amount of time.

We used a lot of our standard recruitment methods, e.g. advertising, actively sourcing/headhunting etc. We actually ended up filling the roles with contractors that we’d previously been in contact with – thus attesting to our wide network of candidates and potential clients.

As a result, we became a supplier of Downer’s and have since continued to work with them by placing with other managers within their team. It was the beginning of a great relationship and has become more of a collaboration than anything else.