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IAG is Australia and New Zealand’s largest general insurance company with a purpose to make the world a safer place.

IAG is an enterprise client that also require a niche skillset. We were briefed on two Service Design roles for their Auckland branch, which deemed to be a bit of a challenge as NZ has a shortage in this area of expertise. IAG really needed more senior candidates who knew exactly what they were doing and could draw on their experience and expertise to successfully execute the roles.

At Role Recruit, we were able to pull on our network of contractors that we already had and float some candidates we’d previously worked with over to IAG. We were also able to do a really comprehensive search overseas as well, to make sure that we were getting the best talent that was available. For both the roles, we were able to find someone from Sydney and Christchurch that would be able to come to Auckland for their assignments.

These roles were actually the first roles from IAG given to Role Recruit, and since then we’ve been able to fill roles within the wider team and digital space – covering both permanent and contract aspects. We look towards a bright future with IAG and the blossoming of our newly found relationship.