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OMD are a global media agency with a very strong presence in New Zealand. They operate in a very competitive market, but that area of the market – in terms of the service they provide – it is very talent short.

They provide mostly, and almost exclusively, 100% digital media campaign management, this covers both paid and unpaid media, as well as digital billboards etc. OMD really value an account management approach and a sensitivity to the size of their clients. They needed me in particular because they know that I understand the level of relationship that their hires and employees need to have with their clients.

OMD have two internal recruiters – both of whom are absolutely excellent – so, when they tend to brief us, it’s when they’ve exhausted their own resources. This is normally at a stage when the role is becoming a really difficult fill.

Firstly, I would take a very informed success profile – particularly in relation to the clients that these candidates would be serving and any particular idiosyncrasies that this client, hiring manager and team may have. I am really specific on exactly what cultural match this candidate needs to have to this position – I think that is very unique. I am also very clear with my strategy and would keep communication open with the client at all times! I’d indicate to them, almost on a daily basis, what my workflow management of their role was. Even if I didn’t find any candidates, I’d tell them how I was going with the role, the amount of candidates I’d reached out to, how many screenings I’d had, how many face to face interviews I’d conducted and really kept them informed. I think that’s the main differentiator that I had from other recruiters.

One thing that can be a struggle for HR is the amount of time they can spend on each role – there is normally a huge amount of demand, and usually an internal HR person will also have a function outside of pure recruitment. So, the solution that I provide really is an extremely targeted headhunting strategy – both nationally and internationally, if required – based on their requirements of the role; essentially, they’re doubling up. I’m happy to work alongside the agency as well – a few times both the internal recruiter and I would be working the role at the same time. In terms of a solution, that provided a very collaborative and close relationship whereby we both had the same goal in mind.

Almost 90% of the time, I was able to deliver to the requirement, resulting in ongoing relationships and a really close working understanding. We also recently presented through to be a preferred supplier for this particular client.