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finding Jobs you love

Hey guys!

Happy Friday 🙂

Jobs can be tough right!? And finding one that you love can be even tougher!

As a recruiter, all day every day I meet people who are looking to change roles. Everyone has different reasons for looking and it is one of the reasons I love what I do.

The one thing that I notice though, particularly amongst women, is the difference that exists between those candidates who are super successful at interviews and those that aren’t (never an accident).  So what is it that makes a candidate ideal for a particular role? Is it their great CV, their experience, their interview technique? Oddly enough no.

Everybody assumes that great people get great jobs because of great CVs. In reality, this could not be further from the truth.

First, great jobs are relative. In actual fact so are ‘great’ people’. What is my dream job or my dream candidate might be your worst nightmare.

Second, great CVs do not great candidates make. If I could offer one helpful thing out of my years in recruitment is would be to NOT focus on your CV when you are beginning your job search. (To clear it is very important subsequently but more on that in a later post). So, what the hell then do I focus on you may ask? Well…you focus on you.

You. Just you.

As you are. Good at some stuff. Crap at others. Liking some things. Hating others. Loving pace. Depising urgency. Dominating deadlines. Hating deadlines. Killing sales.  Making sales. Making no commission. Making lots of commission. Wanting to work overtime. Hating the thought. Whatevs…

All allowed.

All valid.

All you.

The only criteris is that it needs to be right for you and your thinking needs to be clear.

The hard thing is actually making space for the ‘noise’ to subside, – the shoulds, the woulds, maybe just life in general to give yourself time to be truly honest about you want in your work and then taking the steps necessary to make that a reality.

That’s where this video should help – well hopefully it will. See what you think and if you have any ideas or questions that you would like me to do a video on then just leave a comment below.

(Erm just a word before you watch I was building up to a bit of a flu here so am sounding a bit (not very sexy) husky but hopefully it won’t affect the message too much.)

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