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Girls And Running The World

I feel a bit nervous about this whole thing…aaggghhhh, eeeekkkk….starting a blog, creating an online presence. It has challenged me in unexpected ways. There is no real ‘cost’ involved in terms of money etc but it has pulled on my internal resources big time.

I would have said now at the ripe old age of 30 something  that I was pretty confident in myself. But I came to realize that confidence in yourself has barely anything to do with creating, starting a following a path to your dreams.

It’s actually a type of ‘deafness’ that I have needed to pull on the most. A deafness that is to the internal chatter of what was not quite right, what needed to be more perfect and what was just another excuse. Deafness to the past and actively refusing to bring the fear of what has not worked yesterday into stopping me taking action today. So basically I ‘ve been sitting there deaf lols – nah, you know what I mean. It’s been an active ‘not listening’ and redirection of attention. To be honest my motivation has mainly come from just wanting to create a resource for girls trying to survive and thrive in the workplace that I would have found useful myself. The world is changing, jobs are rapidly be uberfied and life is racing along becoming more and more digital. With remote work and the idea of workplaces becoming redundant over the next 20 years women are going to compose more and more of the workforce. We need to be able to risk, to change, to take the leap….

Now, as a first post this might all sound a bit deep and meaningful! But I wanted to share because I think this ‘holding myself back for no good reason at all’ malarkey and trying my best to break through it with small actions might be useful for you guys to hear about.

Girls And Running The World

I watched a documentary that Beyonce made a few years ago (Life is But a Dream) which was quite incredible in terms of this topic. She talked about just doing, ignoring how good, right, perfect anything is and to just be there – be raw, open for criticism, open for mistakes, open to change. So I started to ask myself in times of discouragement – what would Beyonce do? The answer for me was – ignore everything and just get on with it.

So here I am, not everyone is gonoing to like what I am doing here and my writing most likely leaves a lot to be desired. But I am here, following my heart, putting it out there and just giving it a go.

Whether it’s Beyonce, writers on the Future of Work, Corporate Anthropologists – they all agree to rule the world, women and girls have to start getting more comfortable being uncomfortable.

So, as you go through your day today and think of all those things you have been putting off that will take you closer to your dreams – ask yourself – what would Beyonce do and see what comes to mind?!

Have a great day!

Lynn 🙂 x

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