How Technology is Helping Businesses amid COVID-19

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In these unprecedented times, big to small companies are facing an unexpected challenge amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses shut down, some reduced their staff working hours, some staff members had to be let go, and others started working from home.

technology businesses covid-19

Indeed, 2020 isn’t the year for everyone. But with all that’s happening, there are still some advantages to a lot of businesses. One of the advantages is that they get to spend time at home with their family while working comfortably and safely.

technology businesses covid-19

Aside from having to spend a lot of time at home, while working, various technologies take part in helping businesses run at least as they used to when they were in the office. It is definitely beyond possible to bring work home, a lot of applications, platforms are pretty much accessible anywhere.

technology businesses covid-19

Another technology that takes part in working from home is digital communication platforms. Some of these platforms are Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Slack, among many others. Colleagues can constantly communicate with each other for meetings, updates, and other concerns. This way the businesses will be on track, anytime.

technology businesses covid-19

While people are not allowed to go outside or are afraid to go out, they are spending plenty of time using Social Media. All the more reason for businesses to expand their presence online. This is the time to build online credibility and branding using Social Media.

Some businesses hire a Social Media Manager to do these things, to find content, to attract leads, and to build consistency in branding the company. It is important for people to know your business so when this pandemic is all over, they would remember your company when they need any relevant matter that your company could offer. 

In business, communication is key. Even when you’re working from home, you can still kick ass and get leads!

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