Meeting Preparation Checklist

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Use this tool to prepare for your next big meeting:

Have You:

1. Identified the purpose of the meeting?

2. Made sure you really need a meeting?

3. Developed a preliminary agenda?

4. Selected the right participants and assigned roles?

5. Decided where and when to hold the meeting?

6. Confirmed availability of the space?

7. Sent the invitation?

8. Sent the preliminary agenda to key participants and stakeholders?

9. Sent pre-reading or requests which require advance preparation?

10. Followed up with invitees in person, if appropriate?

11. Chosen the decision-making process that will be used (majority vote, group consensus, or leader’s choice)?

12. Identified, arranged for, and tested any required equipment?

13. Finalised the agenda and distributed it to all participants?

14. Verified that all key participants will attend and know their roles?

15. Prepared yourself (drafted presentations, printed handouts etc)?

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