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Tips on Creating Powerful Online Newsletters

Online newsletters are a great way to communicate with clients, staff and suppliers. There are some important considerations though to make sure your newsletter works!

1. Relevancy: Make sure your newsletter is interesting and relevant to your audience. You can “cut and dice” your database and have different content aimed at different audiences

2. Deadlines: Stick to them. Plan when you will send your newsletter and stick to your schedule

3. Subject line: Make you subject line interesting and compelling so readers actually are enticed to open your newsletter

4. Database: Keep your database up to date as people move. Make sure you have names and titles correct. A personally addressed email newsletter is more powerful than an unaddressed mailing

5. Headlines: Make them interesting. Keep articles short relevant and up to date (no one wants to read old news) in the newsletter with a hyperlink click here for more. People today are busy and “time poor”

6. Gather copy: Between newsletters collect content so that when it comes around to writing the next newsletter it’s an easier task

7. Layout: Stick to a standard familiar layout for readers. Sometimes a 2 column layout with boxed “highlights” can be more interesting than running copy across the page

8. Pictures: a picture is worth 1000 words but make sure your pictures are small files (they don’t have to be print quality) to help downloads

9. Format: if you have some regular features it makes production so much easier. As examples you might profile a staff member, have a humour section, have a relevant “tip of the week” a competition , a history section or something relevant to your audience etc

10. Personalise: people want to read about people so consider having an editor (with picture and signature) or company “expert” who puts a human face to your newsletter
11. Hyperlinks: An advantage of an electronic newsletter is the ability to hyperlink to interesting stuff on the web. This could be a You Tube funny video (relevant to your industry) a link to a trade paper or article etc

12. Competitions and free stuff: this can create interest, involvement and feedback

13. Unsubscribe: Make it simple to both unsubscribe and to forward to a friend as well as subscribe. The aim is to grow your newsletter database to talk to an audience that is relevant

14. Archive: Make sure you can go back to previous newsletters

15. Statistics: Most online newsletter programmes come with some form of analytics showing how many were delivered opened etc. This can provide invaluable feedback

16. Templates: have your designer create a series of templates around the same design theme so you can use your mailing programme for a variety of tasks . This could include a monthly newsletter, a reps short sharp “telegram” saying he will be visiting next Weds at 10,a customer survey or poll, a “stop press” urgent message that cant wait until the next regular newsletter

17. Assurance: make your recipients comfortable that you will never pass on or sell their address, make it easy to unsubscribe or update their new contact details
Finally ask yourself if I were the recipient of this newsletter would I find it interesting and relevant to me?

Some favourite companies who publish excellent newsletters:

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