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Our Heart

Here at Role Recruit, we’re passionate about the growth and development of New Zealand as a whole – therefore, we are active in supporting several causes that we fully believe can make a difference.

Callaghan Innovation / Sylo Student Grant

Sylo (in partnership with Callaghan Innovation) are looking to support the growth of science, engineering, technology, design and business by providing a paid internship to current students/recent graduates.

Role Recruit are supporting this initiative by helping find the best candidates that will fit the brief and can help develop their career immensely during this internship. Role Recruit is currently seeking and screening candidates for a November start.

Karla Fitzgerald Award

In the memory of a good friend to Role Recruit and its CEO, we donate an annual bursary fee to Auckland’s University of Technology (AUT) celebrating an AUT female student in the area of science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM), that is actively seeking other women to succeed. As Role Recruit is a digital recruitment agency, we wanted to help support women in a similar line of business to grow and develop their opportunities.


Breast Cancer Foundation NZ

The Breast Cancer Foundation is a national charity that helps promote awareness of breast cancer, with their mission being to push for new frontiers in early detection, treatment and support.

The team at Role Recruit has, and will continue to, support this charity through donating fees, time and energy. On Friday 11th October, Role Recruit participated in the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal, where we went to several different locations around Auckland and fundraised through the public for 2 hours. Our next event will be participating in the Pink Star Walk on Saturday 16th November, where we are walking 10k and also have our online fundraising page to help aid in the support of the Breast Cancer Foundation.


Dress for Success

Dress for Success is a national charity that aids in helping women find economic independence by providing professional work clothing, career development tool and an ongoing support network.

Role Recruit believes in empowering women and helping them get into the workplace. On Thursday 13th February 2020, we are participating in manning the Mount Eden Dress for Success store, where we will be assisting women in providing them with professional attire, giving them some advice for their job search and generally assisting wherever we can.


Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House Charity is a global charity that supports families when their child is in a hospital away from home. They help by providing families with accommodation, meals, supplies and support free of charge to help relieve some of the everyday stresses the families face.

In December, the team at Role Recruit will be donating a day of our time to participate in the Ronald McDonald “Heat and Eat” initiative. This will include deciding on recipes, purchasing ingredients and cooking individual meals/baking to put in the freezer. This will allow families who are on the move to grab a quick meal on the go.


Gaelic Football and Hurling Association

The Gaelic Football and Hurling Association is a community that runs both men and women’s Gaelic football matches across Auckland. They are based at Seddon Fields and have several teams that compete in a summer competition. It also has a strong social culture that supports people from overseas (primarily Irish) and gives them a sense of community.

For the last 4 years, Role Recruit has aided the association by providing donations and sponsorships.


Celtic GFC Auckland

Celtic GFC is a Gaelic Football Club in Auckland that participates in the Gaelic Football Summer Competition. Role Recruit donates a generous sum every 6 months for equipment, pitch rental costs, travel etc to this club.


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