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The Real Key to Business Success

1. Decide What You Want: Really think about your why. Get crystal clear on what’s important to you. Why are you doing this?

2. Make a Plan: Commit this in simple form in writing as it is your road map to the future

3. Work on That Stuff EVERY. SINGLE. DAY: This is your new life now; it requires focus and commitment and a go-forward attitude every day!

Some Things to Think About :

Get your new business up and running with our 17-step checklist.

1. Define your unique selling point

2. Find a business mentor

3. Create a business plan

4. Register web domains and trademarks

5. Set up your business structure

6. Ensure that your business will eventually be profitable

7. Set up a business bank account

8. Arrange business insurance

9. Register for taxes

10. List the items that can be tax deductible expenses

11. Create your website

12. Create social network accounts

13. Ask people to promote you online

14. Find the right employees

15. Think about how you’ll use technology

16. Choose your business applications

17. Keep your data safe

An excellent government link helps you step through the process of starting a new business and is a comprehensive guide (with some very useful links and online tools) to get you on the way.

Another resource with a lot of practical advice is available via the ANZ biz hub site

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