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What our clients say

We do our best so our many clients are always 100 percent satisfied.


“From SEO specialists through to BD/AM roles, Role has always delivered for me and are my go-to partner for hiring. They take the time to genuinely understand not just your business, but the people too, so the candidates they present are always excellent. The team are a pleasure to deal with and I’veviewed them very much as an extension of my own teams for several years now.”

Country Head AU/NZ


“I found Role Recruit really great to deal with. They are well connected within media and digital and have a heightened awareness of the market dynamics. They work hard for their candidates and focus on getting the best results.”

Head of Media


“We’ve been working with Role Recruit for the past two years. Role are great, they dedicate sessions to meet with us and really drill through the types of candidates we we’re looking for, then they go out and hand-pick the best suitors. They always put the time into learning what we were about and what type of candidate would meld with our company culture. Highly recommended. Lynn and the team are great!”

Co-Founder & Business Director


“Role Recruit make it easy to find the right people for human-centred design roles. They’ve helped us find great candidates for both contract and permanent positions, and I think of them as an extension of our own recruitment process (sometimes the better half!). Unlike more generic recruiters, they actually understand the difference between a service designer and a UX designer and intricacies like why a UI designer might not necessarily be right for a UX research role and so on. They take the time to understand our brief and timeframes, and keep both us and our candidates up-to-date throughout the whole process.”

Design Lead


36 Reviews


78 Reviews

What People Are Saying

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“My number one thing is Sarah Malcolm. How Sarah does what she does, her ability, skillset, and capability around being a people person. I am a person to Sarah, not just a number. Her ability to understand what I do, who I am, she listens to me, she gives me options. It’s that communication that is one of my favourite things.

My number one factor is that she treats me as a person!! I have worked with recruitment agencies who try and push their job without knowing what I actually do, and there’s not time to have a conversation with them about who you are or what you do. That’s the number one thing about Sarah – her personality and the fact that she actually gets to know me! Sarah treats me as a real human being.”
“Role Recruit (and Sarah in particular) makes things easy! All I have to do is the easy part of showing up to the interview!”

“Sarah is incredibly proactive which is important especially being a contractor. There was a situation where it was obvious 3 weeks out that a particular job wasn’t going to progress. From here, Sarah devoted the whole day to me! The conversation and communication around what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go – the proactiveness in terms of my career and what I want to do was fantastic. From this, she found two new leads and now one of them is going to happen!”

So overall, my 3 favourite things about Role Recruit are:

1. I get treated like a real human being.
2. The process is easy and fun!
3. Very proactive in finding me work!

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“While contracting you receive a lot of calls from recruiters, most of them while you are working or in work meetings, making it impossible to pick up the phone to talk about your potential next job. With Sarah, this wasn’t an issue at all; she just texted me, I replied back to call her back when I’m out of the office and made everything super simple.

From the beginning, she explained honestly all the details about the job, about the company and picking up my calls even after work hours to answer some questions.

She managed all the communications between me and the client with 100% transparency so at the end there were no surprises and making the process very smooth and clear from the start.

You definitely can tell that Sarah cares about people and that’s why she is really good at it and I can honestly recommend Sarah and Role Recruit for your next job”

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“Sarah is a fantastic recruiter, she has great communications and is open and really works around you. She keeps you very informed along the way and is friendly and easy to talk to!

Both roles she has put me forward for have been roles that I haven’t seen on the market before and have been roles that I really want!

Role make it so easy and clear I have known exactly what is going on throughout the process taking the stress out of job application. Everything always moves quickly without you waiting around.

She listens and is understanding to your situation and responds to that and tries to find a solution for everyone involved.“

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“Lynn isn’t just your typical recruiter.

One of her key strength is understanding you as a person beyond what is written in your resume and carefully finding the environment that would value what you can really offer.

She cares not just about the right fit, but the right fit that will last and she’s upfront about everything which makes it easy to work with.”


Head of Media Placement

“I really enjoyed working with Lynn and the team at Role Recruit. Lynn and her team helped me land my dream role!

The job search can be a dehumanising process – the Role Recruit team supported me through the whole process, and always kept me up to date with what was happening. It really made a difference.”


Head of Digital Placement

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