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Hey guys

This is just a quick blog to stress the importance of something that I experienced this week. As a digital recruiter I see a lot of CVs and  much of my portfolio is made up of UX and UI roles. I have been so surprised this week about how may good quality talent has come in looking for new roles for 2016.

However, I have been equally surprised that many of these candidates do not submit portfolios with their applications or else average, skeleton CVs. If I, or my client cannot see your design aesthetic then it is almost impossible to start and conversation. Applying for high-end design roles by avoiding showing how you actually design or how you work or the value you add is too weird to not have a explanation.

This rose a bigger question, are designers simply afraid to show their work, afraid to express, afraid to be judged? I guess in all roles, design, digital, whatever, there is a part of us putting ourselves out there that is scary. I think many of these candidates are terrified of their CVs…

I have had as many conversations on the phone about portfolios as CVs not doing justice to experience. This has not been confined to sex or level of seniority. A few people have said – ‘aw I don’t want to come across too arrogant, or too full of myself’.

This with respect is utter crap.

Naming on your CV and showing on your portfolio what you have done well has nothing to do with being arrogant.

It has to do with facts. It has to do with what it is you do and the ways in which you add value to a business.

That’s it.

It is talking in terms of the client’s interest – if gives them a basis to pay you what they do.

So stop it.

Stop…well stop, stopping.

Be factual.

Be visible.

Be seen.


Lynn xxx

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