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This pocket-sized diary is an excellent way to keep important projects on course and to also reinforce your long-term goals and ambitions.

 Every 90 days (quarter) you choose the 5 highest priority tasks for your business that you must do

 Write them down and review them and progress towards them on a daily basis

 Also pick one stretch project you will try and complete in the next 90 days

 On the back of the card list those long-term goals 3-10 years out

 Where do you want to be with your life and with your business in 5 years?

 Keeping these goals at the for front of your mind and under regular review you will have a much better chance of reaching them

Goal Setting – The Roadmap to Your Future

It’s easy to have wishes and desires! However, setting goals that are real, clearly articulated, very specific and most importantly written down will help you achieve the future you want. There’s also a lot of satisfaction in ticking off goals achieved, and this can be a real spur towards reaching even bigger goals. The problem with goals is most people really overestimate what they can achieve in the short term and vastly underestimate what they can achieve in the longer term.

Most of us don’t achieve goals because:

 We don’t have any

 Our goals are far too small to begin with

 They are not exciting or challenging enough

Long term goals are set over 10 years. Mid-term goals over a 5-year period, and short-term goals over a 1-year period. You need a combination that can be set up as your own personal and business road map to the future.

When you set your goals make sure that they are:

1. Specific and measurable (not in any way vague)

2. Achievable (a stretch yes, but not impossible!)

3. Time related

4. Challenging and excitingOnce you’ve set your goals, review your progress regularly. Keep your goals at the forefront of what you do, envisage your goals very clearly, and regularly repeat and affirm your goals and what you are going to do to achieve them.

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