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spray tan

Hi guys!

I hope everyone is well. In NZ it’s a short week this week after a bank holiday weekend. I had a great time and I was thinking back about the things I did that made it so much fun. Now, there was lots of things to do etc but I think it was the little bit of me time that I made that really put me in a place to enjoy myself and relax.

Now, I’m not a fad kinda girl and although I love makeup and different looks I don’t really go mad for the latest thing whether it be the darkest of eyebrows or the hair or the dip dye or whatever. I have a friend who says ‘would Kate Middleton do it’ when she is deciding to make a change – which is as good a place as any to start.

But I think (and the more so the older I get) that it is so important to do the small things for yourself that make you feel good. Life can be so crazy and with work, relationships, working out, going out and even cosy nights in, it’s sometimes hard to find the time for just you time/beauty stuff. Well, maybe some girls are super organised on nights in and have all the beauty stuff ready to go but for me its more like the boyfriend’s hoodie, a cosy blanket and an easy takeaway – looking good is not really top of the list…more like hair up, standards of dress down.

So these days, Saturday morning is my time for the aul’ facemask, hairmask and whatever other part of me can wear a mask of some gorgeous concoction. I put it all on, tie the hair back and get on with the cleaning. With the busy days I have I thought sure I might as well be spring cleaning myself whilst I’m spring cleaning the flat – two birds and all that! I really love that time – I pump up the music, open the windows and clean away. By the time I’m done, I’m as clean and shiny as the kitchen…(although often way too lazy to wash the floor, that’s a ‘every two week’ job). For me, it’s the start of the weekend and fun times.

In any case, I’m sure we all have different ways of relaxing and feeling good but for me girls, the one thing that tops it all is a spray tan. Jaysus girls I love a tan. Not a crazy oompa loopa obviously but a bit of a glow does something to lift my spirits and make me feel great. Everything looks better and feel like I go from a’ tired end of the week’ five out of ten (paishty white) to a solid six or seven in under fifteen minutes. Its amazing. Basically this is it…

spray tan

I mean you look skinnier, clothes look better (you can finally wear that odd backless number somebody got you for Christmas without your back looking like a side of ham), makeup looks better, that weird turquoise nail color  now looks like it was made for you and OMG you can wear rose gold jewellry and look good – what’s not to love??? The feet – the feet I hear you say…and the hands… and the sheets…now fair enough I have looked like I rubbed off some orange animal in the past but these days the products are so amazing as well as the beauty technicians being amazing that it rarely happens. As for the sheets well, mine are dark. I’ll pay the price to wear the backless top lols.

So girls in this busy day to day make some time for yourself. Even if it’s in your own bathroom with some new stuff. For you it might be the nails or the hair or the massage but whatever it is – make time to feel beautiful this week – whatever that is to you. I think that is what makes us so powerful as women – it’s not about being a zero and being immaculate, it’s about just being you – happy in your own skin with what you’ve got and all the beautiful things that make you – you. I just like adding a spray tan lols. Sure whatever works!

My Mum always says – beauty is a feeling not a look.

Have a great day xxx


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