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Today’s post was going to be titled ‘The 10 Worst Recruitment Fails and How They Could Have Been Avoided’. However, after scrolling through the internet at 7:30 this rainy Tuesday morning, it’s obvious this list cannot be limited to 10.

After seeing what the internet describes as “recruitment fails”, there seems to be a common theme throughout – job ads. Particularly, job ads posted by recruitment agencies. Whilst holding myself back from diving deep into the internet, I’ve shared with you the top 4 job advert fails that I’ve found.

  1. There is trying to attract specific talent, and then there’s this…
    It’s obvious (well, I thought it was) that you want to sell your job to applicants and give them something worth applying for. For example, a small list of perks/benefits can draw in a candidate who has both the right skills and is a good culture fit for your company.

This advert misses the mark on this point, just a bit…

2. I didn’t think it was possible, but this got worse as it went on.

There are so many things going on in this advert. Asking questions to get your candidates interested is usually a good tactic… But I can’t imagine anybody answering those questions and then excitedly applying for that job.

Another thing you shouldn’t be seeing here are swear words. Most of us curse at some point during our day, whether for a positive or negative reason. But swearing at someone isn’t so casual, let alone at your potential next employee.

3. Lack of faith anyone?

It’s always important to make sure your next employee is the right cultural fit for your company. There are lots of ways to determine if someone is a match or not, and most can be done without scaring them off before they even apply.

You can usually tell within the first 10 seconds whether you ‘vibe’ with somebody or not, and even quicker when assessing somebody to spend 40 hours a week with. An easy way to do this? Give them a quick call after their application! The way somebody answers the phone and speaks to you when they don’t know a) who you are, and b) why you’re calling, tells you all you need about their personality.

4. Interesting title to draw in a variety of candidates?

Starting off your job advert by specifying the gender in the title – not a good idea. Actually, specifying it anywhere in your post is not a great look. Unless it is for specific and/or ethical reasons, you should never specify or limit somebody from applying because of their gender.

It’s also important to make sure that your future employee speaks the same language as you and your team! There are lots of ways to figure this out – the easiest being from their resume! It’s fairly obvious whether English is somebody’s first language, or whether they have google translated their CV to pretend.

Without spending the next 3 hours picking the most ‘appropriate’ examples to share with you, I’ll let you check out yourself. You may see why I decided not to share some of them too… p.s. always check your spelling.

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