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Thoughtfully selecting which content to broadcast on which platforms respects the specific audiences and optimizes the social media traction.

Different Social Media Platforms:

 Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, and is extremely easy to use. From your Facebook business page, you can send updates, poll readers and publish links, as well as like and follow others

 LinkedIn is the best social media platform for business to business. On LinkedIn you can form connections with other business owners and talk about your industry in groups (like a discussion forum, but much more awesome)

 Twitter is a microblogging platform where you share short, sharp updates of 140 characters or less. It is particularly effective if you work in marketing or technology space

 Youtube is for sharing videos. If you can come up with regular video content, it is THE place to be

 Google+ is the “new kid on the social media block” but because it’s Google’s own platform, it has a heavy weighting in search engine results. A lot of business people are starting to use this platform

 Tumblr is a blogging platform that favours visual heavy posts with few words, and makes it easy to “reblog” and share posts made by others. It could be a great platform for architects wanting to experiment with blogging

 Instagram and Pinterest are platforms for sharing and chatting about images. Users are more commonly women and businesses successfully using these platforms are more commonly product driven. However, as an architect, your product is primarily visual, so these could be a great space for you

What to Do with Social Media Accounts:

 Link to interesting posts you read in the media about your industry, or to things business owners should know

 Link to your own blog posts about the industry

 Ask questions about what your audience is having trouble with. What are they looking for in an architect? Social media can be an excellent tool for conducting market research

 Give out short and snappy daily or weekly tips

 Share links and thoughts on new, innovative and visually stunning architecture projects from around the world

 Talk about something funny that happened in the office today

 Talk about a common problem your clients experience and how to solve it

 Bust a myth about your industry

 Use #hashtags to join conversations with other people in your industry

 Reply to consumer questions, or join in discussions on other profiles

 Start a conversation with influencers in your industry

As to how often you should post, this depends on the platform you’re using and how often people want to hear from you. Remembering that on all social media platforms, your updates aren’t going to be seen by everybody, I’d recommend the following frequencies:

 Facebook: between 3-5 times per week

 Twitter: between 1-5 times per day

 Google+: between 2-5 times per week

 Youtube: 1-4 times per month

 Tumblr: 2-10 times per week

 LinkedIn: status updates 1-4 times per week, and appearing in discussions 1-5 times per week

 Instagram + Pinterest: 1-10 uploads per week

Networking is the art of chatting to other business owners and forming a web of contacts throughout the business world. The concept of networking is simple: the more people you know, and the more people who know you, the more likely you are to receive referrals directly from your contacts. While traditional business networking is done face-to-face, networking online via social media is quickly catching up in terms of effective ROI.

How To Use Social Media for Networking:

 Find five ”influencers” (people with lots of status and followers) in your industry and follow them. Make it your mission to get to know these people better and make them part of your network

 Join 3-5 groups or discussion forums connected to your social media platform (such as groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, or #hashtag conversations on Twitter) and start actively participating

 Make around 20% of all your updates sharing something someone else has created. Make sure you include their details so they can see you sharing their stuff

 Approach companies that have synergies with your own through their social media platforms – perhaps project managers, contractors or mortgage brokers – and ask to connect

Tips to Get the Best ROI on Social Media

So you’re tweeting away, updating your Facebook and uploading silly photos on Instagram. Now that you’ve got the hang of it, how can you make your updates more effective?

 Research common #hashtags in your industry and try to use a least one hashtag in most posts

 Ask questions, and encourage followers to interact with you

 Ask friends, family and colleagues to like your social media pages

 Follow and connect with influencers in your industry

 Reply promptly to anyone who comments on your updates or sends you a message

 Include your social media links on your website, your business card and in your email signature. Encourage clients to signup to your updates to stay informed

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