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Creating white papers and tips sheets are a great way to grow your business. The resulting tips sheets can be used in a wide variety of ways

 Mailbox dropped in affluent suburbs

 Dropped into companies’ mailboxes in association with the post office

 Mailed by sharing a database with a compatible business (EG Spa, Beauty clinic, physio etc)

 Posted on Facebook and other social media channels

 Offer to write a fitness column in a local paper, company or school newsletter etc.

 Use in association with networking groups.

 Given to happy existing customers and ask them to pass them on to their friends and colleagues

A FREE white paper written as an information piece rather than a hard sell piece works at a number of levels

 It positions you as an “expert” in your field

 People find the content educational and interesting

 It’s very cheap marketing that works!

 Recipients often talk about it and help spread the word and create referrals

 Always include a call to action such as a FREE workout to try your service

As a personal trainer you could write up a series of tip sheets on a subject such as;

 Seven Secrets to a Great Looking Body

 Get that Bikini Body You Always Wanted This Summer

 How My 45 Minutes a Week Workout Can Improve Your Body

A key point with Tip sheets is to have an interesting or catchy title such as:

 7 things your must ask..

 The insiders guide to..

 The truth about…

 12 myths about..

 Eat chocolate and lose weight..

 Etc.

Remember, today people don’t believe advertising, they do believe “social proof” testimonials and recommendations from friends colleagues or other people just like them.

 Make your tips short simple and easy to understand

 Make them interesting and include illustrations or relevant pictures

 Ensure you have an offer and a call to action

 Make sure your address details, your personal website and email, cell phone is included

 Make it easy for people to contact you.

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